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Mazda 6 06 - 09 Ford Fusion 06 -09

The Stage 1 Duratec SuperCharger Kit will feature everything you need to SuperCharge your Mazda 6 or Ford Fusion. The kit will use a 4th Generation Magnuson supercharger which has self contained oil system and is capable of making 450 hp output. The CNC machined aluminum intake sandwiches a large aftercooler for lower boost temps and comes with a full pulley kit with new belts. This specific kit will not feature an intercooler, but can run up to 7psi safely on stock internals.

The Stage 1 SuperCharger kit will include:
  • Magnuson MP90 4th Gen.
  • CNC Custom Aluminum Lower Intake Manifold and Machined Timing Cover
  • 3" x 12" x 1.75" Aftercooler
  • Pulley Plate with new sized belts
  • 11"x4.75"x2" 16 Row Heat Exchanger
  • 2.9 GPM Intercooler Water Pump and braided lines

Note:This kit is still being tested and will be available in the near future.

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